Punic for “gift of Ma’at”, this ship is a navis oneraria style vessel. It averages speeds of 1-2 mph (about .6-1.7 knots). Its crew is 6 sailors in total. There is no resting deck – the crew sleeps on the deck or in the cargo hold wherever they can. The ship has no built in armaments. There is only one subdeck – all cargo, food, and water and armaments are stored here.


Knowledge: Local (Rhacotis, or at a -10 penalty, any other port city along its usual trade route)

15: It is a trade ship belonging to Adofo’s family.
25: it is captained by a man named Sirom
30: specific details about the crew and armament


Cargo Manifest

As of crossing the Ionian Sea
Grain – 600 amphoras
Fine Glassware – 2 Chests
Wool – 50 amphoras
Salt – 100 amphoras
Pottery – A crapton

Trade Route
Below is your usual Trade Route. Bolded items are contractually obliged.

Rome: You sell your 1100 amphoras of grain here. You also normally trade a chest of silver for 2 chests of fine glassware.

Rhegium: You purchase 2100 amphoras of grain here. You also sell 50 amphoras of wool and 100 amphoras of salt.

Calydon: You usually sell about 300 amphoras of grain here, along with most of your pottery. You also pick up 30 amphoras of olives

Corinth: You can generally sell about 250 amphoras of grain here. You purchase about 50 amphoras of wine, 20 of oil. You also take a significant load of Bronze and Marble. You try to sell wine at the rest of your stops, and whatever you don’t sell returns to Rhacotis with you.

Megara: You sell 250 amphoras of grain here

Athens: You sell 300 amphoras of grain here. You can usually unload your olives as well. You pick up Linen, Art, and Dyes that you will eventually take back to your storehouse in Rhacotis

Thessaly: You trade your Glass and 600 amphoras of grain here for a chest of Gold and Silver.

Crete: The Gold and Silver is eventually traded in Crete for saffron.



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