Book of Thoth



The Book of Thoth is actually a collection of 9 different books written by the Egyptian god of magic, Thoth. Each of these “books” – now combined into a non-abridged volume, contains the secrets of magic that he so long kept hidden from man-kind. After Egypt came into contact with the powerful Greek pantheon and their clerics, Thoth decided that he must share the secret of magic with some of his people – and so the Book of Thoth was given to the House of Life for the scribes to take care of, and the lector priests to learn from. While the original copies of each book are stored in the House of Life, they are not kept together for safety. Each book is in a different House of LIfe, along with copies of each other book. In addition, every Archivist is given a copy of all 9 books, combined into a single volume, from which to learn on his journeys.


Book of Thoth

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