Herculese's Bow

The Bow of Hercules is a mythological weapon; the myth tells that it was passed to Philoctetes following Hercules death as he was the only person willing to light the funeral pyre. The bow became vital to the Greek army at Troy. The captured son of King Priam revealed, whilst under interrogation, that he had prophesied in order for the Greek’s to obtain victory over the Trojans the bow and arrows of Hercules needed to be brought to the battle.

knowledge check 10

Any arrow shot from is coated with the hydras poison.

knowledge check 20

you know that Hercules currently has the bow but you do not know his current location.

knowledge check 30

Long bow +5 and summons magic arrows that do 1d8 and an additional 20 poison damage DC 21 to save

Herculese's Bow

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