All feats must be chosen from Core D&D 3.5 sources only – (PHB / DMG / Monster Manual) – or approved by the GM. Exceptions will be rare. The GM may assign homebrew feats, however.

Metamagic feats are considered Epic Feats.

Item creation feats do not exist.

All Epic feats require Divine Rank to acquire. Add your character level to your Divine Rank to determine your level towards minimum requirements.

Several classes grant abilities identical to feats. These do count for the purpose of qualifying for further feats.


New Feats

Feat Requirements Effect
Undead Fear Aura Immunity Critical Success on Will save to resist Undead Fear Aura Automatically succeed saving throw against Undead’s Aura of Fear.
New Class Skill (Any) Critical Success on a cross-class skill. The skill is added as a class skill for your character. All further ranks only cost 1 skill point.



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