This setting contains several disparate cultures with different currencies and economic systems. Each one outlines its individual monetary system, and compares the value of its currency (where applicable) to the currency of D&D core.

Below is a relative value of trade goods for barter cultures. These values are in D&D Core currency.

Cost Item
1 cp One pound of wheat
2 cp One pound of flour, or one chicken
1 sp One pound of iron
5 sp One pound of tobacco or copper
1 gp One pound of cinnamon, or one goat
2 gp One pound of ginger or pepper, or one sheep
3 gp One pig
4 gp One square yard of linen
5 gp One pound of salt or silver
10 gp One square yard of silk, or one cow
15 gp One pound of saffron or cloves, or one ox
50 gp One pound of gold
500 gp One pound of platinum



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