Cronus' Sickle


Cronus’ Sickle


This is a page on Cronus’ Sickle. Cronus’ Sickle was used by Cronus and also Uranus. Cronus used this sickle to castrate his father, the king Uranus. This particular sickle was made out of adamantine and could cut through anything, no matter how strong, or hard! Cronus proceeded to Uranus’ kingdom to (with his wife,Rhea,his sister) take the throne. It is said that Uranus trapped her children in the bowels of the earth and Rhea, tired of of the discomfort, devised a plan to stop Uranus. She asked her youngest son, Cronus, to castrate Uranus using a sickle made out of adamantine.

Zeus also used this sickle to kill Cronus. Legend was that he had cut Cronus to a thousand peices and scattered them across Tartarus because he was immortal. This appears to be incorrect, as Cronus’s body – save the head – was found in a sarcophagus in Gaul, only 30-40 feet underground. Also, it was made from bronze and not adamantine like the legend says.


Cronus' Sickle

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