• Masterwork Weapons still function as usual, adding +1 to attack.
  • Masterwork Armor allows you to improve one of the following statistics:
    • AC by 1
    • Existing DR by 1
    • Spell Failure by 1
    • Max Dex by 1
    • Weight by 10%

Magic Items

Magic Items are created in two tiers – Heroic and Artifact.


Throughout history many items have been used by men and women and passed to their heirs, or lost and rediscovered. Old items that have seen adventure, war, and other adversities naturally imbue with power over time. These items become +1 magical items. While these often begin as Masterwork items that is not necessarily required. Additionally, certain very skilled and legendary craftsmen are capable of creating Heroic items themselves. There are no mechanics behind this – it is a story device.


Artifacts are powerful items created through extensive rituals. The exact requirements and components to creating an artifact can vary, but there are certain things that must be present in any one.

  • A place of power
  • A focus for power
  • A receptacle for power

The receptacle is what becomes the artifact. All of these items must carry significance – value, legend, faith, etc., though there is no specific requirement as to how much. It is ultimately up to the GM whether or not an item will fulfill this purpose.



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