This is an anachronistic game set in the Iron age. The gods are real. It’s not a matter of faith – they walk the earth. The Greek pantheon is worshiped in most of the known world, though most of the male Greek deities were killed in an event known as the Theophage, leaving huge power vacuums and creating matriarchal societies in Greece and Gaul. There are no other planes, and the Gods routinely involve themselves in major events in the world. The Underworld is underground and the known world is Europa and North Africa. Despite the locality of the deities, it is a relatively low magic and low powered world, with maybe only a handful of level 20 characters present throughout the world – usually deities or demigods – and most powerful mortals not reaching past level 10. The game is being played in segments with each player acting as the DM through one section. As we rotate through different segments, we move to different parts of the world and often play new characters, as we work together to build one great story that spans all the known world.


E N T E R    W I K I  |  A D V E N T U R E    L O G  |  M I S C E L L A N E O U S



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