Greek Pantheon

140 years ago (870 AD in the real world – 0 MT by the new calendar)

Hera led a revolt against Zeus and the entire Patriarchal regime of Gods and Men. After catching Zeus in the act of raping the nymph Kallisto, Hera became murderously enraged – killing the both of them, and inadvertently taking over his domains. Seeing that the strongest of the deities had been killed the other female deities quickly responded, and Hera organized assassinations on all the male deities. There are two notable exceptions to this – Poseidon proved to be too powerful for the goddesses, and Hermes played a trick on Demeter, fooling her into slaughtering her own priestesses in place of he and his sorcerers at Notre Dame.

While the deities made efforts to end the lineages of the male deities there are at least a few who escaped such fate – Hercules was at sea, and Poseidon protected and saw him to the shores of Britonia. While Minos himself was slain his lineage still reigns in Crete. Perseus, with the aid of Pegasus, has evaded their efforts as well.

Deity Alignment Portfolios Domains Notes
Aphrodite CG Love and Beauty Chaos, Good, Luck, Sun, Charm Took Music and Poetry from Apollo, Wine and Theatre from Dionysus
Artemis CG Hunting and Archery Chaos,Good, War, Strength, Glory, Liberation Took War from Ares
Athena LG Wisdom, Justice and Strategy Law, Good, Knowledge, Protection, Artifice, Creation Took Smiths, Crafting and Skill from Hephaestus
Demeter NG Agriculture, Grain, Harvest, Earth Good, Earth, Plant Demeter has Died
Hera LN Marriage, Family, Motherhood Law, Air, Nobility, Repose Took Thunder and Lightning from Zeus
Hermes N Travel, Thieves, Commerce Magic, Travel, Trickery, Rune Demeter claims to have slain Hermes but it is not true.
Hestia NG Hearth and Domestic Life Good, Fire, Healing, Animal, Community Took Flocks from Pan
Nemesis NE Revenge and retribution Evil, Death, Destruction, Darkness, Earth Took death, destruction and the Underworld from Hades. Took Earth from Demeter.
Poseidon CN Sea and weather Chaos, Water, Weather, Madness, Healing Poseidon is too powerful for the other Gods to attempt to slay without surprise, which is now not possible after the slaying of his brothers.

Note: Followers of Poseidon in Minoa follow a belief structure known as the Cult of Poseidon. While Poseidon is the only deity in the cult capable of having clerics, there are several more figures that are given reverence. See the link for more info.


Norse Pantheon

Name Alignment Portfolios Notes
Freya NG Fertility, Love, Magic, Vanity                                         
Freyr NG Agriculture, Fertility, Harvest, Sun
Frigg LN Birth, Fertility, Love
Heimdall LG Watchfulness, Sight, Hearing, Loyalty
Hel NE Underworld, Death
Loki CE Thieves, Trickery, Murder
Odin CG Knowledge, Magic, War, Wisdom, Ruler-ship
Skadi N Earth, Mountains
Thor CG Storms, Thunder, War, Protection, Strength
Tyr LG Courage, Trust, Strategy


Egyptian Pantheon

Name Alignment Portfolios Domains Notes
Ammut LN Ammut is not worshipped, she is feared.
Anubis LG Embalming, Pharmacy, The Dead Repose, Earth, Good
Hathor NG Love, Pleasure, Healing, Heaven Healing, Plant, Good
Horus LG Kingship, Vengeance, The Sun Protection, Law, Good
Isis NG Magic, Queenship Nobility, Water, Good
Ma’at LG Truth, Morality, Justice, Order Community, Law, Good
Nephthys CG The Dead, Wealth Luck, Chaos, Good
Osiris LG The Dead, Grain Death, Good, Law
Ra LN The Sun, Creation Sun, Fire, Creation, Strength, Law
Set NE Evil, Darkness, Destruction, Draught, War Destruction, War, Evil
Thoth N Scribes, Magic, The Moon Magic, Knowledge, Artifice Thoth is actually the Greek deity Hermes in disguise.



Deity Alignment Portfolios Domains Notes
Yahweh LG
Jesus NG
Muhammad CG
Lucifer CE Chaos, Evil
Uriel Fire


Druidic Spirits

Spirit Alignment Portfolios Domains Notes
Spirit of Creation Creation , Darkness , Destruction , Healing , Knowledge, Magic ,Nobility, Repose , Sun , Travel
Earth Spirit Earth , Animal , Plant
Air Spirit Air , Luck , Weather
Fire Spirit Fire , Glory , War
Water Spirit Water , Protection , Healing
Ice Spirit Water , Air , Charm
Magma Spirit Earth , Fire , Artifice
Smoke Spirit Air , Fire , Trickery
Ooze Spirit Earth , Water , Madness



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