Jaquleene Gravois

Sorcerer of Hermes


Jaculeen grew up in Nancy, where she was destined to assume head of household from her mother, Arielle Gravois.

Instead, the Germanians attacked Gaul, and Nancy was a casualty. Arielle was captured, leaving Jaculeen in charge of Nancy, but the city was occupied by German forces who kept rain coming to keep the river flowing to Paris, disrupting Gaul’s troop movements.

In the week that followed, Jaculeen – along with her brother Peter Gravois and sister Marceline Gravios – traveled to Paris, witnessed the slaying of Demeter, ended the war, and marched into the haunted temple of Notre Dame.

When Demeter was slain, Jaculeen absorbed the divine spark of Good from her, but that did not save her life at Notre Dame when an undead archer shot her in the head.

Peter and Marceline are now working to resurrect her, but only time will tell if they are successful.



Jaquleene Gravois

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